Use Cases

Humanizing Technology & Empowering Connections

Solving Business Challenges and Elevating Customer Experience with CodeBaby Solutions

Account Assistance

Streamline self-service with avatars, guiding customers in managing account information and reducing frustration.

Form Completion

Increase form completion rates by leveraging avatars to assist customers throughout the process.

E-Learning Avatars

Improve e-learning engagement by incorporating animated characters for a more interactive experience.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enhance remote patient care with avatars, increasing engagement and support for successful outcomes.

Call Deflection

Reduce call center load by using avatars to answer repetitive customer questions 24/7.

E-Commerce Assistant

Enhance online shopping experiences with avatars serving as virtual shop assistants, available anytime.

FAQ Avatar

Provide round-the-clock friendly assistance with avatars answering customer questions about your business.

Navigational Assistant

Simplify website navigation with avatars guiding visitors, even by voice, to easily find what they need.

A Powerful Platform

CodeBaby Avatars Do the Heavy Lifting for You.

Our powerful avatar solutions do the heavy lifting for you, seamlessly engaging customers, providing support, and delivering personalized experiences.


CodeBaby empowers inclusive websites with WCAG-compliant avatars. Scalable text, conversation transcripts, and audio controls ensure accessibility. Avatars enhance emotional understanding, navigation, and readability, fostering engagement for all users.


Elevate experiences with CodeBaby's animated characters, offering intuitive UIs, conveying empathy and trust, real-time animation adapts to provide detailed info, ensuring helpful interactions without distractions. Striking the right balance for engaging and relatable experiences, avoiding the "Uncanny Valley" effect.

Video Output

Enhance static content with CodeBaby’s MP4 and transparent WebM videos. Seamless integration, high-quality, small file sizes, and friendly characters.


Delight customers with personalized experiences using CodeBaby avatars. Contextual awareness, integrated technology, and memory functions enable tailored interactions, proactive guidance, and improved customer engagement.

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