A Powerful Ecosystem

Transform your website into an engaging customer experience powerhouse with CodeBaby


Maximize customer engagement with seamless, cross-channel experiences


Experience unparalleled performance and reliability for high-scale operations.


Ensure data security and compliance with industry-leading standards.

Engage and connect with customers in every meaningful moment


CodeBaby empowers inclusive websites with WCAG-compliant avatars. Scalable text, conversation transcripts, and audio controls ensure accessibility. Avatars enhance emotional understanding, navigation, and readability, fostering engagement for all users.


Unlock endless possibilities with CodeBaby's integrations. Our AI-powered technology seamlessly integrates with various APIs, adapting to your preferred providers and enabling data-driven conversations.


Delight customers with personalized experiences using CodeBaby avatars. Contextual awareness, integrated technology, and memory functions enable tailored interactions, proactive guidance, and improved customer engagement.

Dynamic Output

Deliver personalized, real-time content to engage users. Seamlessly integrate APIs for account data, personalized conversations, and instant conversation updates. Create delightful user experiences with on-demand, customizable avatars.


Elevate experiences with CodeBaby’s animated characters, offering intuitive UIs, conveying empathy and trust. Real-time animation adapts to provide detailed info, ensuring helpful interactions without distractions – striking the right ballad for engaging and relatable experiences while avoiding the "Uncanny Valley" effect.

Conversational AI

Leverage the power of Conversational AI and LLMs to transform customer interactions. With multi-language support, contextual understanding, entity extraction, analytics, and continuous improvement, our avatars enhance customer service, provide personalized responses, and empower businesses to uncover valuable insights for ongoing improvement.

Video Output

Enhance static content with CodeBaby’s MP4 and transparent WebM videos. Seamless integration, high-quality, small file sizes, and friendly characters.

One Product, Multiple Solutions.

E-Learning Avatar

Adding an animated character to your e-learning content can improve engagement and retention and lead to better outcomes for students.

Form Completion

Our avatars can intervene when users are about to abandon a form and help them complete them, increasing form completion rates.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our avatars are designed to provide empathy and support to users - leading to increased engagement and better outcomes in remote patient monitoring.

FAQ Avatar

Getting customers the right information as soon as possible is critical to keeping them happy. Utilize the information from your FAQ page with our avatars.

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